our mission

The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from being proactive. It's time to become ready for the unexpected. Make the commitment to be Prepared. We will be your supporter for every training task of the way. Contact us of you have questions.



  • Curriculum Building
  • Hiring a Security Company
  • Employee development
  • Monitoring Security Services
  • Training Programs

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation:

Training License # 102-000372

Firearm Instructor Registered # 263-000648

Approved Responsible Vendor # 288-000008

Illinois State Police:

Concealed Carry Instructor ID # 14A964

Firearm Dealer License #10000724

Utah Department of Public Safety:

Concealed Firearm Instructor # I158671

Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM):

Professional Training Organization

City of Chicago:

Certified MBE

Illinois Liquor Control Commission:

BASSET Instructor 5A-1145535​

Illinois Department of Central Management Services:

Business Enterprise Program Certified

​Illinois Career Information System:

Registered School


DUNS#:042750595     SAM CAGE#:8A9B6

Illinois Notary - Cook County Commissioned:

Notary Services

ATF - Federal Firearms License Dealer:

Firearm Transfer Services:3-36xxxxx07169


(Founded in 2016)A-Way Training & Tactical, Inc. primary focus is to educate and train individuals and companies to be proactive. There are different ways of learning. Teaching is a challenge that we accept. Our technique is "A-Way" to learn and develop. Based off the way we learn, train and coach, we will collaborate to achieve your business goal. Our training mission is to teach A-Way to create efficiency, safety and sustainability.

A-Way Training will develop your mindset and engagement skills for you to add to your

toolbox. Our training and consulting services provides solutions. Our goal will help create long term success and reduce liability.


 WHY US? Whether you start your learning journey in a certified training class or at your company, you will find that our training is tailored to the audience. A-Way delivers all training topics to meet the needs of our students and clients. We value your success.

"Training is a commitment and it's our passion"