Instructor - AR-15 Rifle Armorer, ISP Approved CCW, FFL  
JAMES YEO (Ext.#802)

Active Law Enforcement Officer with over 15 years of experiences in Security and Protection Operations worldwide. Has  Military experience in planning, building organizational structures and excellent skills in the development of national security operations. Work Experienced:  Federal Law Enforcement Officer (current) Department of Homeland Security, Supervisory Federal Agent - Department of Homeland Security, Supervisory Police Lieutenant (Watch Commander) -Department of Defense, Police Officer (Lead Officer) - Department of Defense, Military Police (Reserve-Staff Sergeant/E6) - Department of Army,

Infantry Squad Leader (Staff Sergeant/E6).

Chief Instructor - ISP Approved, IDFPR Licensed and ILETSB Certified 

President and founder of A-Way Training & Tactical, Inc.  Active Law Enforcement officer (Ranks held: Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant) in which I trained over 18 years with firearms (pistols, shotguns and rifles). I served as a Emergency Response Team (ERT) member in which I received tactical firearm training by FBI SWAT, Detroit Police SWAT, and Michigan State Police SWAT. I also have several years of carrying a firearm concealed; working in the field of Executive Protection and Security Operations. I have a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and I'm a people Leader in my professional occupation.​