Certificates of Training

Law Enforcement Officer - Federal/Illinois State Commissioned
Armed Security Officer Instructor - Illinois Licensed
Rapid Deployment Train the Trainer - Illinois State Certified
Active Shooter Training - Michigan State Police, Detroit Police SWAT & ITOA
First Aid/CPR/AED - American Heart Certified
Basic & Advanced SWAT Operator - Spartan Tactical
Ballistic Shield Instructor - Illinois State and FBI Certified
Extreme Close Quarter Combat - L.O.C.K.U.P System
Firearm Holster Retention - PPCT
Firearms Instructor - Illinois State Certified & Registered
Supervisory/Field Training Officer - NEMRT
Master Critical Infrastructure Protection - TEEX
Management of K-9 Unit - IPTM
Incident Command System (ICS 100-400) - FEMA Certified
Explosives Licensed - Illinois State Licensed
Basic Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle Instructor - NRA
Chief Range Safety Officer - NRA
Personal Protection Instructor - NRA
Non-Lethal Training Ammunition

Concealed Firearms Instructor- Utah BCI

LE Rifle/Carbine Instructor - Illinois State Certified
Crisis Intervention Training
- Illinois State Certified

Use of Force Workshop - Illinois State Certified

About Instructor - ISP Approved, IDFPR Licensed and ILETSB Certified 
I am an active law enforcement officer (Ranks held: Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant) in which I trained over 17 years with firearms (pistols, shotguns and rifles). I have received firearms training from Master Firearms instructors certified by Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and NRA Training Counselors. I served as a Emergency Response Team member in which I received tactical firearm training by FBI SWAT, Detroit Police SWAT, Michigan State Police SWAT and Spartan Tactical Training Group. I also have several years of carrying a firearm concealed; working in the field of Executive Protection and Security Operations. I have a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and I'm a people Leader in my professional occupation.​